What is is collection of IRC servers run by various members of the Perl community. It is home to hundreds of perl projects, modules and social channels. It is also home to a lot of not-perl projects and the like. We encourage polyglotism and, despite the name, welcome non-perl people too.

So what's MagNET?

This is MagNET. MagNET was the original name of the network, back when it was just a refuge from Efnet #perl. The network has also gone by "Rhizomatic".

Is this the official Perl network?

It seems so. Given the hostname and the amount of perl projects that live here, it's hard to argue otherwise.

Is #perl the official Perl channel?

No. The history of #perl is long and sordid but one truth remains: #perl is primarily a social channel for members of the Perl community. Advanced questions will often be answered but newbie-type questions are best asked in other channels.

Where can I get Perl help?

#perl-help, #perl on, #perl on, #perl on

What other channels are available?

MagNET is home to hundreds of individual IRC channels. While it would be impossible to list and describe them all, we do maintain a list of the more popular and potentially "official" channels who make their home here.

Do you have a Standards / Code Of Conduct?

Yes! Users of are bound by our Standards of Conduct under the terms of our governance policies.