What is is collection of IRC servers run by various members of the Perl community. The URI of is a DNS round-robin which points to these servers. This network also goes by the names of MagNET and Rhizomatic.

So what's MagNET?

MagNET is an IRC network that was started by users of Efnet #perl some time ago. People use it for all sorts now, but it's mostly populated by people related to the Perl community in some way or another.

Is MagNET the official Perl network?

That's a hard question to answer. MagNET did not start life as the official Perl network. A while back, got pointed here and we took on the mantle, however reluctantly, of the semi-official Perl network. Many Perl projects call this network home. Many do not. That is their choice. We welcome any projects or groups, perl related or not, who would like a safe place to call home.

Does that mean #perl is the official Perl channel?

#perl is certainly not the official Perl channel. The history of #perl is long and sordid but one truth remains: #perl is primarily a social channel for members of the Perl community. Advanced questions will often be answered but newbie-type questions are best asked in other channels. Be advised that #perl can be a rough place and is not recommended for minors, pregnant women, or those with heart conditions.

Where can I get Perl help?

#perl-help, #perl on, #perl on

What other channels are available?

MagNET is home to hundreds of individual IRC channels. While it would be impossible to list and describe them all, we do maintain a list of the more popular and potentially "official" channels who make their home here.

Where is Nickserv/Chanserv?

MagNET is a services-free network. We do not run any channel protection or nick/handle protection services. If you have abuse/security concerns, please contact the nearest oper.

Why isn't this site shiny and full of pretty pictures and styling?

You are aware that you're reading a site for an irc network, right? An ancient chat system that is neither shiny nor full of pretty? It's text; it's all just text. This site is compatible with RFC 1866 + 1942 (circa 1996). As such, the site works well in the vast majority of browsers, including lynx, elinks, and firefox. I don't have it on hand to test but I bet the site looks great in ncsa mosaic too. (And no, I will not accept CSS patches to make this "pretty". Install the Stylish plugin for Firefox)